Monday, March 1, 2010


That's the word to describe these days here in RI.
Was down in Middletown this Sunday; there was a tiny S swell.

The longboarders were getting some pretty good smooth rides.

I debated whether to go out with my my only board (a super tight 5'10''), and of course I was stupid enough to get in the H2O.

Was pretty stupid. Couldn't catch much with the super small board and will all that rubber, and especially with my cook-style.

Oh well, better than an afternoon on the physics book...

Water was 36 degrees (2 C), air around 40 (4 C). Soo fun.

I'll catch you guys here next weekend, same place same time...

Oh yeah, on a side note, I've been integrating Laird Hamilton's workout in my daily workout...hopefully it will show next time in the water in real conditions...sometime...soon...maybe...?!

Speaking of which, I'm considering switching my shortboard for a cheap SUP board, the "radical" kind, in order to get more time in the water. Drop me a line if you can help me out!

I'll catch you on the next blog-worthy event!

PS: A shout out to my "Most Powerful Van" van, for always being loyal to me... ;)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ciao cox
bentornato anche se stavi meglio là e anche io ci sono stato bene.
la tavola è troppo corta hai ragione cambiala. dimmi cosa posso fare
spero che ferna venga a trovarti lì
ci sentiamo presto
un abbraccio da pit, ma quello vecchio bacucco!